MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd is a specialist provider of wildlife surveys, particularly for bats, great crested newts, birds, barn owls, water voles, otters, badgers, as well as Phase 1 and NVC level botanical and habitat surveys.

These surveys are most often for planning applications, and our reports include the necessary mitigation and legal guidance that are required for smooth passage through the planning system. These are generally via Ecological Impact Assessments, but we cna also provide Scoping Surveys and Preliminary Roost Assessments where appropriate.

We are experts in wildlife legislation, applying for many European Protected Species licences each year, which permit disturbance of protected species for development. We have successfully applied for and implemented more than 100 such licences for bats, and we have a very high success rate with our mitigation plans, ensuring that bats continue to thrive alongside development projects. We are registered for the Bat Low Impact Class Licence, which means we can avoid the costs and delays of full licences where impacts can be shown to be low.

MAB are highly experienced in Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA), required where a develpment may impact on a European Protected Site.

We also provide BREEAM assessments, Countryside Stewardship applications, and management plans (creating and restoring habitats, controlling invasive plants such as bracken), management of nature reserves and woodland parks.