Alice Brown

Alice joined MAB Ecology in February 2023.

This section will be completed shortly.

Phil Taylor

Phil Taylor BSc (Hons) Biology with Ecology, MSc Biodiversity and Conservation, qualifying member of CIEEM.

Assistant Ecologist at MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd since January 2022.

Phil previously worked as a freelance educator. He has provided wildlife education sessions on behalf of Natural England, The Canal and River Trust, St Nicks Nature Reserve, and York Greenways. He helped create the Eco Sapien YouTube channel and has made commissioned films about biodiversity and wildlife identification.

Consultancy experience includes freelance bat and newt surveys, and working as a seasonal ecologist for Quants Environmental. Further identification skills were developed on various jobs and internships, including as a Survey and Monitoring Trainee at Lower Derwent Valley NNR and as the RSPB Red Kite Field Officer for Perth & Tayside. He has undertaken training courses in plant and pollinator identification, and wildflower meadow creation.

Jake Walker

Jake joined MAB Ecology as a full time ecologist in May 2021. This section will be completed shortly.

Giles Manners

MCIEEM, CEnv, BSc Biological Sciences (Hons Zool), MSc Env. Sci.

Director of MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd.

Along with managing the business, Giles spends most of his time dealing with protected species licences and surveys, working with developers and landowners. He has been licensed by Natural England as a bat consultant since 2005 (Class survey licence Level 4) and also holds a Natural England trainer license (Volunteer Bat roost visitor Level 2). Additionally, he holds a survey licence for Great Crested Newts (Class survey licence Level 1).

Giles is a chartered environmentalist, a full member of IEEM since 2001, and a registered consultant under the Bat Low Impact Class Licence  scheme.

He is also trained and experienced in woodland management, farm conservation management (ADAS advisor for 5 years), upland vegetation assessment, bird surveying, and water vole capture and displacement.

Ione Bareau

MCIEEM, BSc Biological Sciences (Hons Zool)

Director of MAB Environment & Ecology Ltd.

Ione previously worked for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) as a reserves officer. She has completed management plans for nature reserves/SSSIs on behalf of Natural England (NE) and YWT for ponds, meadows, woodlands and orchards. Ione is licensed to survey bats and Great Crested Newts, and holds a NE volunteer bat roost visitor licence. She is also a registered bat carer.

Ione is experienced in badger licences, reptile surveys, plant identification, NVC surveying, meadow restoration and management and landscape design. She has undertake training courses in wildflower meadow creation and management (RHS) and has an interest in environmental education, having completed her Forest schools level 3 qualification in 2013 .

Previously, Ione specialised in countryside stewardship and farm environment plans and still undertakes mid tier applications for farmers and landowners.